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HMS Shannon Captured USS Chesapeake in War of 1812

Eleven minutes. The gruesome battle on June 1, 1813 between British HMS Shannon and America’s USS Chesapeake was fought and over in eleven minutes. Aboard the frigate HMS Shannon, Captain Philip Bowes Vere Broke of the British Navy issued a challenge to the commander of the USS Chesapeake. The American vessel was in the Boston… (read more)

Laura Secord: the Rush to Save Canada

Dehydrated, exhausted and with feet cut and bleeding, Laura Secord pressed on to reach Lt. Fitzgibbon with the message that Upper Canada was about to be taken by America Quietly, unobtrusively, Laura Secord served the evening meal to the American soldiers billeted in her home against her will in June, 1813. Her husband, James Secord,… (read more)