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Canada’s Berliner Gram-O-Phone Company

In 1900 Emile Berliner opened Montreal’s Gram-O-Phone Company, recording music on flat gramophone discs.  The firm created “Nipper”, the now-famous dog and phonograph logo The marvellous machine called the phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison in 1877, a device that would eventually bring lilts of music into the homes and ears of avid listeners. Improved… (read more)

Abraham Gesner and the Development of Kerosene

Expensive whale oil was used in lamps to provide light. Geologist Abraham Gesner developed the affordable petroleum fuel Kerosene to illuminate dark nights. Kerosene: A Fuel for Motors, Lamps and Heaters According to the Gage Canadian Dictionary, kerosene is composed of “a mixture of hydrocarbons, usually produced by distilling petroleum.” The flammable liquid was developed… (read more)