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This Day in Canadian History: January 1

New Year’s Day a Good Time for Canadian Announcements, Policies Prohibition and bootleggers, health care, citizenship and standard time were a few of the announcements made on the first day of the new year over the decades. January 1st is a day with special meaning, the start of the new year, a sign of new… (read more)

The George Cross, Commonwealth Civilian Award

Ten Canadians were recipients of the silver “George Cross” for uncommon bravery, the medal intended to honour exceptional gallantry unrelated to battle. Wielding his sword, St. George slays the large and intimidating dragon. Radiating strength and courage, the image in silver is a fitting symbol for the Commonwealth’s civilian award equivalent to the military’s Victoria… (read more)

Soup’s On! The Campbell Company of Canada

The Canadian Division of the Campbell Soup Company Organized in 1931 Since the 1800s, soup has been good business for the American food company, Campbell’s Soup. Opening a division in Canada was a natural step forward. Part of a small canning factory that opened in New Jersey in the 1860s, chemist Dr. John Dorrance of… (read more)

Anna Degraf, Klondike Pioneer

While others searched for wealth, Anna’s quest was not for gold 53-year-old Anna Degraf travelled on her own from California to Canada’s Klondike, carrying her sewing machine and hope. An indomitable spirit is not a possession of only the young. The spirit of adventure, of hope and of resolution filled Anna Degraf with the ability… (read more)