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Voyage of HBC Ship “The Nonsuch” and Captain Zachariah Gillam

James Bay is in sight! Land ho! The 1668 expedition to Canada’s north by explorers Groseilliers and Radisson was a success. It led to a Charter for HBC. Two sturdy masts stood straight and tall on the Nonsuch, with the sails extending their grasp on the wind. Captain Zachariah Gillam plotted the ketch’s course across… (read more)

The Silver Dart: Canadian Airplane First Flew in 1909

Canada’s First Flight of Powered, Heavier-Than-Air Plane Constructed of silk balloon cloth, pipe, wood, tape and wire, and with a Curtiss 40-hp engine, JAD McCurdy flew the Silver Dart on Feb 23, 1909 at Baddeck Bay, NS It didn’t look like the sturdy, solid aircraft flying the skies today. Built with an open-air design using… (read more)

The Carnegie Library, er… Carnegie Libraries, in Canada

  American Industrial magnate Andrew Carnegie used his wealth to promote education and literacy for all. A portion of his fortune was used to construct 125 libraries in Canada “There is not such a cradle of democracy upon the earth as the Free Public Library, this republic of letters, where neither rank, office, nor wealth… (read more)

De Havilland’s “Beaver” Bush Plane

The DHC2-Beaver: A Canadian Aviation Engineering Success Nicknamed “Workhorse of the North”, the versatile and ruggedly functional DHC2-Beaver made history as an essential part of aircraft fleets in Canada and the world. Whether flying deep into the wilds of mountainous Alaska, across stretches of the Canadian Territories, or hauling American cargo and soldiers into the… (read more)

ZEEP, Canada’s First Nuclear Reactor

‘Zero Energy Experimental Pile’ Had First Reaction in 1945 The research on atomic theories performed with the ZEEP reactor at Chalk River, Ontario, lead to the large scale atomic reactors providing nuclear power today. The ‘Zero Energy Experimental Pile’ was the test model for the NRX, a large reactor in the planning stages. The NRX… (read more)